Self Disinfection Kit for Office & Retail

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Pro-Tech 24 is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial disinfectant with unique 24-hour residual effectiveness. It's based on Nano-Silver technology. when formulated as a disinfectant it is colourless, non-staining and is designed for use on hard, nonporous surfaces.


Pro-Tech 24 effectively sanitizes all surfaces for 24 hours so you only have to sanitize once a day. Proven to fight against Coronavirus. Cost-effective. No protective gear required during application. Child safe and Pet friendly. Natural and non-toxic. Professional grade disinfectant. Alcohol and chemical-free. Eco-Friendly. Silver Nanotechnology. Laboratory tested.


Kit includes a 5 litre can of Hygiene X Plus 2.0 Pro-Tech 24 solution. 500 ml empty spray bottle. 500ml of hand rub. 10pcs 3ply face mask.


Hygiene X Plus 2.0 Pro-Tech 24 solution can be used on Reception desks & Waiting areas, Workstations, Conference & meeting rooms, Elevator doors & buttons, Laptops, Headphones, Keyboards & mouse, Washrooms & Sanitary, Door handles and knobs, Upholstery, Biometric, Cabinets & shelves, Currency notes and card machines, Shop counters & other touch areas, Desk & chairs, Pantry & kitchen platforms, Furniture (fabric or leather) and any contact points which needs to be disinfected.

Pro-Tech 24 is been currently used by Abbott, Alchem, Alembic, Cipla, Bisleri, Vivaldis, Oaknet, Wockhardt, Himalaya Drugs and many more companies.